Magnificently Mellifluous Mac DeMarco

For anyone who hasn’t had the pleasure of sinking their ears into Mac DeMarco, I have the perfect introduction.

Put simply, this Canadian guy is a musical boss and a super dooper live performer. His latest record, Salad Days, is the tits and has been on repeat in the car, on the handheld thing, and all the other things.

Check out this sweet diggity solo performance from Mac thanks to KEXP, performed at Pickathon in the States last month.


New Twerps EP!!!


Holy good loooorrrd, we have brand new Twerps people. Finally some music to wrap our ears around after the release of their awesome debut record in 2011

The new EP is called Underlay and they’re playing a show in Melbourne and Sydney in support of its release. Check out there facespace page here for more information on the shows.

In the meantime, bloody take some time out for this gooooooooodness.


NME’s most influential bands of today

The taste making crew at NME have released what they believe to be today’s most influential bands and why, in a blog post by Mark Beaumont.

The most obvious exclusion, which the NME happily points out, is The Beatles. The reason for this is they simply focused on the biggest influence on today’s music scene. Considering their approach perhaps it’s not that surprising that Radiohead top the list, followed by Ziggy Stardust himself David Bowie, and the seemingly omnipresent Kanye West.

As Melbourne’s The Age points out, Australian artists haven’t missed out in making their mark on the current state of things. Nick Cave cracked the top ten, Tame Impala made the top 50, and perhaps a big surprise was The Triffids coming in at number 86.

Take a geez at the list and make your own conclusions.

Rejoice…New Dan Kelly

Holy shit balls ladies and gentlemen, we finally have new music from Dan Kelly. He’s been keeping endlessly busy touring with his pretty great uncle.

On his very own blog he states “the record is coming along and will be a grand maxi statement about everything and anything and all the dudes writing songs about Piedmontes will be poring over it for years to come looking for clues for their next worldwide smash.” Fuckin oath!

He’s even got a couple of shows lined up for Melbourne and Sydney, check for details here.

Get around his new track ‘Melbourne vs Sydney’ below.

Golden Plains 2014

golden plains

I was in India when I got the email approving my ticket to Golden Plains this year. Despite being in an absolutely magical place, I had to give myself about an hour of celebrating what Aunty Meredith would have in store for me.

Golden Plains, for those not aware, is held on the Nolan family farm in Meredith, a couple of hours outside of Melbourne. It’s the sister festival to the longer and larger Meredith Music Festival, which will celebrate its 24th year this December.

Ever since I lined up at 6.30am outside Greville Records to get tickets to my first Meredith, it’s been my hands down favourite festival. Golden Plains holds a similar place in my heart, and this years edition was easily amongst my top festival experiences.

Have a geez at me writings for day one and day two.

Hungry Ghost


After Violent Soho signed to I Oh You  and released ‘Tinderbox’ and ‘Neighbour Neighbour’ in 2012, there was significant anticipation for the release of their next record.

I was especially excited to hear it after interviewing frontman Luke Boerdam and hearing his enthusiasm for getting back into the studio. Hugry Ghost has pretty much been on repeat since I got the chance to review it for Tone Deaf.

Here’s my review of this cracking album.

Check out the video for the latest single off the record and one of my favourites.

Violent Soho feature


Interviewing Violent Soho frontman Luke Boerdam has definitely been one of my favourites.

First of all, I’ve been a big fan of theirs since their first record and it had also been a long time since they’d released new music. It great getting a chance to speak to Luke after having released a new single and with a new album on the horizon.

Click here to read about Violent Soho playing a glorious chicken wing festival and the lead up to recording Hungry Ghost.