The Gabeyard Shift – Some Favourite Ladies

The Gabeyard Shift this week was all about some stellar female artists. Obviously I can’t come close to showcasing all of the talent I’d like to, but this playlist is a good little taste of some of my favourites.

It’s also a glaring example of how easy it is to curate a list of current artists that are also incredible on the live stage. Festivals are sort of starting to catch on with Afropunk and FYF Fest happening in the States over the weekend showcasing some talent on the playlist.

I spoke about FKA Twigs and her uncompromising vision for her art. Check it out for yourself with this video that accompanies her latest EP M3LL155X.

And here is the all important playlist.


The Gabeyard Shift – Revolution & Protest

This week’s theme and focus on The Gabeyard Shift, broadcast on the always enlightening bFM, was revolution and protest.

It’s difficult to quantify how effective music can be in instigating change. There’s no question however that it has played a crucial role in helping countless causes spread to a wider audience, as well as providing a soundtrack to crucial cultural shifts.

I wanted to try and sample a broad spectrum of genres with this week’s selection of tunes. Some of the messages are simple; from Indigenous Australian’s rightful claim to their land, to the continuing police brutality faced by the African American community, while other’s address a wider need for change.

Check out the playlist below. It’s only missing The Beatles ‘Revolution’, which seemed liked a glaringly obvious choice to finish things off.


Don’t forget to tune in right here from 1.00am – 3.00am NZ time to catch next weeks show.

The Gabeyard Shift – Love

Tuesdays from 1.00am to 3.00am, New Zealand time,  are now a whole lot better with The Gabeyard Shift.

I feel like I’ve got somewhat of a handle on things inside the 95bFM studios, so I’m going to try and focus on one theme each week and post the playlist here.

This week is love and some of my favourite songs about love.

I’ll be sharing my playlist each week trying to use Spotify but of course it doesn’t have all the music in the world so below is my favourite love song of all time followed by most of the playlist. Excluded is The Beatles ‘Love Me Do’ and Prince ‘Kiss’.

‘Palaces of Montezuma’ is such a simple love song. For all the Nick Cave songs that have ambiguity, this one is straight to the point and utterly beautiful in its declarations of devotion.

You can listen live to 95bFM right here, and don’t forget to tune in on Tuesday mornings.