The Gabeyard Shift – Literary Tunes

This week I was reminded how little I’ve  been reading and also how much I miss it. So to make up for it, The Gabeyard Shift was dedicated to tunes that make references to works of literature or are influenced by those works.

It was a bloody swell time and interesting doing some research to put it together. As with every playlist, there are some obvious omissions but I think it’s a super collection.

Check out the playlist below and the opener from The Beatles.



The Gabeyard Shift – Monday Blues


Monday’s can be the pits.

You might be coming off a shitty weekend as I was, gutted to be back at work, or just feeling like dirt.

It was with this in mind, that the focus of this week’s Gabeyard Shift was Monday Blues. A cathartic two hours of listening to those who actually had the blues.

Check out the playlist below.

The Gabeyard Shift – Out Of Africa

This week on The Gabeyard Shift was all about a few favourite tunes from the African continent with the theme Out Of Africa.

Having parents and friends with a broad and exciting taste in music means I’ve been exposed to incredible musicians from this part of the world. Mali is very strongly represented, but a few other nations get some play as well.

Check out the barnstorming shit-hot playlist below and a special video.


This week I also debuted The Gabeyard Gazette, a brand new segment on the latest music news. You can check it out by reading below and listening to the podcast.

In some other tip top news, you can now get your fix of The Gabeyard Shift whenever you want. That’s right, if extremely early mornings or late nights aren’t  your jam then you can listen to the podcast each week from start to finish right here.

The Gabeyard Shift – The Others Way

The legends at bFM and Flying Out put on one of the best gigs of the year last Friday at a bunch of venues on Auckland’s K Rd, and this week’s Gabeyard Shift was all about it.

The Others Way was a celebration of New Zealand’s incredible array of talented musicians and artists, as well as the live venues that support the scene.

Before joining bFM last year I knew only a handful of Kiwi artists. This week it was an absolute pleasure getting to play some tunes from a few of the artists that played The Others Way that are among my current favourites.

Unfortunately the Spotify playlist below doesn’t have everything I played, but the majority of it is there. Wrap your ears around some seriously enjoyable tunes.

Dan Kelly – ‘Never Stop The Rot’ & New Record

Some bloody tip top news. Dan Kelly has a brand new album on the way, Leisure Panic, and has released the first single ‘Never Stop The Rot’.

It’s due out October 9 through ABC and you can check out the track list below, as well as the brand new track.

Track list:

On the Run
Hydra Ferry
Creme De La Creme De La Creme
Never Stop the Rot
National Park and Wildlife
Baby Bonus
Melbourne vs Sydney
Gold Coast Man
Ex Bandido
Everything’s Amazing
Jet Lag

The Gabeyard Shift – Food Glorious Food

So while writing the title for this week’s Gabeyard Shift post, I’ve only just realised that ‘Food, Glorious Food’ from Oliver seemed like an obvious choice for the playlist.

Alas… it didn’t make it. A bunch of other shit hot tracks featuring food in the title did though.

Check out the playlist below, and my foodie favourite from Paul Kelly. And, as always, listen to The Gabeyard Shift on 95bFM Tuesdays from 1.00am – 3.00am NZ time.