The Gabeyard Shift – bFM Bombathon

I’ve met some incredibly talented and generous people at 95bFM. It’s also exposed me to a lot of amazing New Zealand artists. The station is attempting to raise $45k to secure its future and smarten a few things up. Head to the givealittle page to show your support.

This week of The Gabeyard Shift, I played some of my favourite Kiwi artists, most which were discovered through volunteering and listening to the “bosom”.

Check out a podcast of the show right here. And enjoy the playlist below, regretfully not all artists were on the Spotify.


The Gabeyard Shift – Grief and Loss

After attending a funeral late last week I thought about all of the different ways musicians have explored themes of dying, mortality, and how it can help with the grieving process.

The Gabeyard Shift this week took a look at a bunch of tunes that explore the theme of grief, loss, death, and dying. I’m really happy with the collection of songs from this theme because they represent such a broad spectrum of ways to look at this topic.

I like to think these tunes also show in some way how the theme of dealing with death often leads us to think deeper about our own lives and look at its meaning.

You can listen to back to the whole show right here, or just enjoy the playlist below.