The Gabeyard Shift – Best of 2015

What a bloody tip top year for music 2015 has been. I was joined by the illustrious Kaine Harington on The Gabeyard Shift this week to play some tracks from our favourite albums of the year.

Of course we couldn’t fit in all of the splendid tunes that we wanted too but we had a darn good yarn about it all. You can listen to a podcast of the show right here.

Below is an extended playlist of essentially what we would have played if we had a couple of days on the airwaves. Sit down, chuck the headphones on, and enjoy this carefully curated collection of tunage.


The Gabeyard Shift – Discoveries Of 2015

This week on The Gabeyard Shift was all about sharing my discoveries of 2015. I’d like to say the discoveries are vast and broad, but they’re not really.

I’ve listened to plenty of new music but these choices are my favourites from the year. A lot were found keeping up with blogs and music showcases like SXSW, and BIGSOUND over in Brisbane. I’ve also left out the many New Zealand discoveries I’ve made this year, as they’ve been covered on a couple of previous shows.

Get a good old geez at the playlist below.

Give the whole swell show a listen right here.

The Gabeyard Shift – Side Projects

Sometimes artists just get so confined to one project and group of musicians they have to break free and do something completely different. Or do something similar just with different people.

The side project is something that’s been a part of popular music for a very long time. The Gabeyard Shift took a look at some rather good side projects, thanks in large to the presence of passionate musician and music lover, Kaine Harington.

We also talked at length about a few average side projects, some that should have delivered more, and others that predictably sounded as shit as expected.

Unfortunately, as ever, the playlist is missing some a few tunes but the majority are listed below.

Give the whole show a listen right here.