The Gabeyard Shift – Melbourne


The Gabeyard Shift focused on my home town of Melbourne this week. I played a lot of my favourite music including some written by friends, which is especially cool.

I will forever champion Melbourne music. Alongside the influences I’ve inherited from my family, it’s had a huge impact on the music I listen to and seek out.

The wide urban sprawl and eclectic mix of cultures in that city has allowed many fantastic songwriters and musicians hone their craft in an increasingly competitive environment.

I truly love Melbourne music and it’s also played an enormous role in understanding how to engage with music from Auckland and Aotearoa.

Treat the holes in the side of your head with the playlist below.


One particular band you should check out which isn’t on Spotify is Lazertits, shit is sick.

And if you want, you can listen back to the whole gosh darn show right here.


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