Violent Soho feature


Interviewing Violent Soho frontman Luke Boerdam has definitely been one of my favourites.

First of all, I’ve been a big fan of theirs since their first record and it had also been a long time since they’d released new music. It great getting a chance to speak to Luke after having released a new single and with a new album on the horizon.

Click here to read about Violent Soho playing a glorious chicken wing festival and the lead up to recording Hungry Ghost.


RATM Retrospective


As soon as the opportunity to write a retrospective on Rage Against The Machine came up at Tone Deaf, I put myself forward. They were the first band I listened to that had a wider social message present in their music.

Of course I didn’t immediately connect with their message, it was the aggression in the music that got me hooked, and the freedom to scream ‘fuck you I won’t do as you tell me’ didn’t hurt either. As I paid more attention, it was clear that their social causes were the backbone for that aggression.

It was an obvious pleasure to write about the 20th anniversary of their debut record. It went through a number of drafts and I’m proud of the end result.

Get your eyeballs around it right here.

First published feature


Way back in 2012 I was lucky enough to join the pretty gosh darn awesome team at Tone Deaf as an intern. For my first band interview I was also lucky enough to chat with Kiwi Kody Nielson as part of the promotion for his awesome debut record as Opossom.

Readers may or may not know that Nielson fronted Kiwi favourites, The Mint Chicks, alongside his brother Ruban who now is better known for his role fronting the magnificent Unknown Mortal Orchestra.

Check out my first published feature with Opossom here.