New Death From Above 1979

Death From Above 1979

Balls out awesome Canadian duo Death From Above 1979 are about to release a new record. Head on over to Tone Deaf to read my review of The Physical World, out September 8th.


Golden Plains 2014

golden plains

I was in India when I got the email approving my ticket to Golden Plains this year. Despite being in an absolutely magical place, I had to give myself about an hour of celebrating what Aunty Meredith would have in store for me.

Golden Plains, for those not aware, is held on the Nolan family farm in Meredith, a couple of hours outside of Melbourne. It’s the sister festival to the longer and larger Meredith Music Festival, which will celebrate its 24th year this December.

Ever since I lined up at 6.30am outside Greville Records to get tickets to my first Meredith, it’s been my hands down favourite festival. Golden Plains holds a similar place in my heart, and this years edition was easily amongst my top festival experiences.

Have a geez at me writings for day one and day two.

Hungry Ghost


After Violent Soho signed to I Oh You  and released ‘Tinderbox’ and ‘Neighbour Neighbour’ in 2012, there was significant anticipation for the release of their next record.

I was especially excited to hear it after interviewing frontman Luke Boerdam and hearing his enthusiasm for getting back into the studio. Hugry Ghost has pretty much been on repeat since I got the chance to review it for Tone Deaf.

Here’s my review of this cracking album.

Check out the video for the latest single off the record and one of my favourites.

The King Gizz


If you were to name serious boss dawgs of the Melbourne music scene you’d have to include King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard. Two years after releasing their debut record 12 Bar Bruise we’re now awaiting the release of their fifth record and also know that they’ve recently recorded a sixth.

Yes they’re scarily prolific. But each of their records is an important statement of the progression of the band. What permeates throughout each release, is just how adamant they are of doing it their way. So often bands are hooked into ridiculous promotion cycles and timing this and that. The beauty of King Gizzard is their willingness to ignore those pressures.

The one album that represents this attitude the most is their incredible western inspired Eyes Like The Sky.

Read my review of this corker right here.